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Crystal Advent Calendar with Positive Affirmations - Inner Peace

Type: Christmas

Please note: This is pre-order and will be shipped around the middle - end of October

The ultimate advent calendar for crystal & mindfulness lovers!

Have you also been looking for a unique way to count down the days to Christmas?

Countdown the days to Christmas with this empowering one-of-a-kind crystal and affirmation card advent calendar. Prioritize self-love, deepen connections, and manifest your goals with crystal healing and mindfulness.

As you open a panel each day, you'll build a meaningful collection of stones and affirmation cards that can be used for meditation, energy healing, or simply as a physical reminder of your self-care journey.

Nurture yourself or give a gift to another beautiful soul this Christmas with:

* A meaningful collection of 25 premium crystals stones that last forever
* 25 mini affirmation cards for meditation and unshakable self-worth
* Surprises to delight your senses and embrace receiving
* An incredible moment of self-care each day for 25 days

Who Is It For?

This world-first advent calendar was SPECIFICALLY made for all Crystal and Mindfulness lovers out there! Young AND old!

Perfect for anyone wanting to bring more connection and meaningfulness into their lives. And it will help to regulate emotions and build self-esteem and resilience.

AND LISTEN UP! It's also perfect for teenage girls, so if you've been looking for that special gift that keeps giving, something extra for someone going through some big things. Look no further, this product will help bring connection!

The finer details:

* Product measures 30 x 30cm (11.8" x 11.8")
* Each daily panel contains a carefully curated crystal stone, measuring approx 30mm. Each handpicked for its unique properties, featuring stones for every emotion. From calming and soothing stones like amethyst and rose quartz to energizing and empowering crystals like citrine and tiger's eye (Without giving it all away!).
* Each door also has an explanation of the special meaning of the stone with a corresponding affirmation card to help supercharge your self-love and embrace your inner strength.
* Includes a drawstring bag for collecting the stones
* Metal clip for your mini affirmation card collection
* It's a 25-door calendar and intended to begin on 1st Dec. But it can really be used for any type of 25-day countdown, it's not Christmas Specific.