Whose Habitat Is That?

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  • A beautiful pop-up book as you've never seen before. Surrounded by lush vegetation, on the river banks, in the canopy or in the ice floe, five animals are unveiled and brought to life. A non-fiction clues give information about an animal hidden in an environment on the facing page.

    Children learn what the animal eats, where it lives, what it looks like and what animal family it belongs to, as well as some quirky and funny facts about it. The reader then reveals by pulling up a tab on the opposite page, a creature suspended on a sturdy but invisible plastic cord.

    The creature appears in a whirlwind of spiralling paper at home in its natural environment. At the animals feet is it's name and so the pop up reveals the answer in a uniquely beautiful and satisfying way.

    Dimensions: 23.5 and 23.5 cm

    Author: Lucile Picketty