Gold Card Game

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Age 6+

2-5 Players

15+ Minutes Play Time

Gold is calling! Everyone rushes to
Mount Goldrush, the last remaining
gold mine.
Which gold miner will unearth the
most gold and possibly outwit their
rivals along the way?
To find the most gold Every player chooses a color and places the corresponding entrance in front of them on the table. They now own all of the gold miners of this color, which are uncovered throughout the game.
If there are only two players, each of them should pick two colors. The remaining mine mouth goes back into the box.
Shuffle the remaining cards thoroughly and place them face down on the table in any order. Every card
must be visible and may not be covered by another card.
The youngest player starts. The game then continues clockwise.
When its your turn, flip two cards of your choice over. First, leave them turned face-up where they
are. Depending on which two cards are revealed, one of the following happens:
If you turn over a gold miner with a value, at least as high as the value of the gold you've uncovered, the gold miner is strong enough to carry it out of the gold mine. The gold miners owner receives the
gold, and the uncovered gold miner card is removed from the game. If the gold miner does not belong to any of the other players, you win the gold.
Place the gold face down under your mine entrance.

If you uncover two gold miners of different values (can also be the same color), the *stronger* gold
miner (higher number) defeats the *weaker* gold miner (lower number), who is then out of the game.
Flip the stronger gold miner back and leave the card in the same place. Be sure to remember where the
gold miner is. Then its the next players turn.

If you uncover at least one dynamite card, both cards are removed from the game.

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